It has always been my vision to help people.  To help people individually, and treat them personally with respect and dignity.  I want to help more, grow, and branch out to as many people as I can reach.  


I have a very strong foundation and belief system in place regarding my spirituality, which is the base of all my actions.  


It is my vision to build a Wellness Center.  A place for people to come, stay, relax, and receive the love, care, and education they so deserve.  


This center will include Reiki at it’s core, as love is at my core.  It will include nutrition education, meal demonstrations, organic gardening, sharing of recipes, life coaching, grief assistance, education about conscious living,  yoga, meditation, juicing seminars, massage, retreats, retreats for Veterans, animal hospice, minister services, and it continues to grow.  


As my vision continues to unfold, for now, I can do distance Reiki from my home to yours.  

Stay tuned, the journey continues...