What is a vegan?  

Good question!!


A vegan is someone that abstains from the use of animal products.  


Being a vegan is a lifestyle choice, not a fad or a diet.


There are a few conscious choices I make as a vegan.


I do not eat meat, dairy, or eggs.  It is a very conscious lifestyle choice that minimizes your impact on the Earth.  I eat very balanced meals, that are delicious and nutritious. 


I was not always a vegan, but consumed what most call the standard American diet.  I researched and read a lot of material, and came to the conclusion that being a vegan is the best choice for me as a human being.  It honors all life and is a much healthier way to eat.  

It surpasses the standard American diet most eat for longevity, health, and feeling well in life.  Eating vegan has less of an impact on the Earth, reducing the carbon footprint we all have affecting our great Planet.  It also honors all life, and does not kill animals for consumption.


It is a more conscious way to eat to feel well and be happy.

I am learning all the time and also eat organic ingredients, which minimizes your consumption of chemicals and ensures that you are not eating GMO foods.


When I do cook, I don't add salt and oils.  My ingredients are carefully selected to have minimal salt and fat in them, as salt has been connected to migraines and tissue damage syndrome, leading to all kinds of diseases, including cancer.  Fat in our diets prevents the natural sugars to get to our cells.  I enjoy the flavor of foods, loving every bite I take.  


Whole foods contain all the nutrients we need to sustain a body and feel well.  So important to me that I feel well.