• sandra8toles

Putting love in the "prep"

Ever wonder why Mom's cooking always tasted so good? I have come to realize that when we touch food, whether it is in planting the seed, cutting it up to sauté, or putting it all together on a plate, you are adding in your energy and thoughts into that preparation. Who better than your Mom to put her love into the meal for you? Our energy goes into everything we do, and food is certainly a big part of our life. When you eat, I hope you can love what you eat and appreciate all that goes into each part of that meal. In the days of fast foods and instant meals, it is really a gift to have a home cooked meal, and if you think about it, you can feel that when you consume it. Getting back to preparing most of my meals has been so gratifying. I enjoy all the parts of eating more now than ever. AND I still love it when someone prepares food for me--even though it cannot be my Mom anymore, I still feel the love. : )


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