Health &Healing

“What befalls the Earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth.”

I have always wanted to feel well.  As I have grown, I realize how important it is to feel well.  What we do in life affects us on every level.  Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—all aspects matter.  


Physically, we can limit the toxins we put in our bodies, as well as feed our cells the nutrients we need to have a healthy immune system.  The body is a wonderful gift we have, and keeping it healthy is so important.  Taking care of our ourselves can greatly impact how we feel on the whole.


Mentally and emotionally, the things we think about also affect our health.  Positive thoughts and actions guide our bodies to feeling well.  Combined with what we feed our bodies, it makes for a great combination of health.  Feeling well means keeping our bodies as clean as we can on all levels.


Spirituality is very important to me.  I believe we are part of a whole, and we all affect one another. 


All things are tied together, and with clean living and a clean mind, one can really achieve happiness.


Treating your person as a whole, gives you the power to heal yourself from many ailments.