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Coaching by Inspiration 

One of the talents I have obtained over the many years of dealing with people, is to get inside someone and help them navigate life's issues.  Life issues on their terms and in their way.  I have met many people in my career and personal life, and I really care about helping people be themselves and do what makes them happy.  I kind of "pour gas on your fire."  
In just getting to talk to you, I can help you navigate issues, and inspire and motivate you to follow your bliss and passions in life.  We all need support, and we all need to do what is best for ourselves.  We have to make ourselves happy, no one else has that job.  We have to own up to what and who we are, and use our own talents to navigate life our way.  Once you do that, you can feel confident in making your dreams come true.  
So many people go 
through life making others happy, forgetting about themselves. It isn't selfish to follow your dreams and do what makes you feel good and inspires your soul.

I think that God has given each and every one of us a gift.  Only you have your gift, and only you can let it out of the cage and use it to be happy.

If we all followed our bliss and used our gifts, I think we would all come together in a big puzzle and fit so beautifully together and enhance the world with love.

Let's get started finding and inspiring your gifts.  Give me a call or send a message and we can get started in person or via zoom.  

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