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"Be the change you wish to see in the world"... -Gandhi


Aloha, my name is Sandra Toles and I thank you for visiting my site!  I have been helping people my whole life.  Family, friends, patients, and anyone I felt I could help, I did.  Now I want to expand that to helping more people in a broader way.  I have educated myself, traditionally, and also have learned that we learn a lot through life experiences.  Empathy can only be learned through experiences and through those life experiences, we can really help others.

Reiki has always felt like magic to me, healing people with divine energy.  Whether helping with physical/emotional/mental ailments, or helping people cross over, I have always felt privileged to participate in this practice.  

I love food.  I love what I have learned, and love teaching what I know about food.  Good nutrition can heal your ailments.  There is so much science and studies now that show food is truly medicine and we are what we eat. 

I love to help inspire people to be who they want to be.  Sometimes we all just need a nudge and a little support to be who we are instead of who we are supposed to be, and then can make positive changes in our lives.  I have learned how to help people see themselves for who they are, and can support those wants and needs to implement changes in your life.

I want to share what I have learned to help you heal your Mind-Body-Spirit.  We are all multi-dimensional, and each part depends on the other.  In person, via Zoom, or via phone, we can work together to make you feel more whole.  You will see after meeting me, that I truly care, and want to help you feel better.  


Contact me, be part of the change.

In love, 



Reiki Master/Teacher

Inspiring Coach

Educator of Plant Based Nutrition

Angel to the Dying

Registered Nurse

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church


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