"Be the change you wish to see in the world"... -Gandhi


Hello, I'm Sandra Toles and thank you for visiting my site! I set out wanting to help people, never really knowing where I would end up. I have been a nurse for 36 years, and have loved all the great people I have met along the way. It has morphed into loving people in their deepest sense, knowing that we are all children of a greater source, and wanting to see them that way. I learned about Reiki when my sister was ill. It had a profound effect on her, and in turn me, so I decided to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

My focus is to live lovingly, consciously, and genuinely, helping those that I can. I strive to help people realize that we all can live a happy and healthy life. I have reverence and appreciation for all living beings. Looking forward to meeting and helping you along your journey! 


In love,



Registered Nurse

Reiki Master/Teacher

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church